How Suitable is a New Deck for Your Home?

One thing many homeowners contemplate is adding on a deck to their home.  Some want to have that extra space for entertainment and others just want it for relaxation.  But many homeowners are left with questions as to whether it is feasable to add a new deck onto their home.  Or if their location can support it.  Well we came across this post by Kilbury and it seems to be pretty cool.  Talking about 5 Reasons you need a deck for your home.  And they are located in Rochester, NY and make some great points about why you even need one in Rochester.  Maximize. Maximize. Maximize.

I’ll tell you what.  I want a deck just for the entertainment.  Somewhere I can go and relax when I want to.  Lounge out in the chair with the sun beating on me, maybe with a beer in hand.  That’s what it’s all about.  A pool and a waterfall running for the sounds.  It’s basically an oasis.

I’m working on getting on added to my home and will probably check out Kilbury Construction once I do.  First things first though.  Convince the wife.  Any ideas on that one for me fellas? I must say I am stuck and have nothing at the current moment.

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5 facts about scrap metal that’ll make your hair stand on end

The average American is unaware of what a scrap metal yard can do for the environment.  While it is important to recycle your scrap metal, also of importance is choosing where to scrap metals such as choosing where to sell copper.  With the ever growing GO Green phase, we wanted to share some eye opening statistics about scrap metal for you that’ll make your hair stand on end.

  1. 11 facts about scrap metal that’ll make your hair stand on end.
  2. 75% of all “trash” can, and should be recycled.
  3. Scrap Recycling was an $86 billion dollar industry in the US in 2008.
  4. The United States annually processes more than 250 billion lbs. of scrap material – the weight of more than 70 million junk cars.
  5. If all aluminum scrap processed in the United States were used solely to produce standard soda cans, the lined up cans would stretch more than 25 million miles — the distance from Earth to the planet Venus!

Isn’t that crazy.  You can read more awesome facts about scrap metal here.  But we just wanted to share with you the importance of scrap metal yards, such as this charlotte scrap metal yard.

Either way we hope we were successful in raising your hair with our statistics on scrap metal recycling.  So next time you are thinking of throwing out that aluminum can or not saving the small copper wire you have, think again.  Because every little bit ads up to saving the planet Earth.  And isn’t that what we all want?  An Earth where our kids, kids can be happy, and not have to worry about things such as global warming among other things.

All we ask is you do your part.  We’ll do ours, but ours isn’t enough if you don’t do yours.  Proper scrap metal r

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